co How Your Meta Description Will Help You Rank Higher |

Relax. Google doesn’t rank websites based on meta descriptions. It’s not a factor at all. But those descriptions do appear as snippets in Google’s search engine results pages. People click on listings based on the snippet. If the snippet sells the click through then more people will click on your listing.

Note that all of this is informed by the following data:

  • Google delivers personalized search for everyone, signed in to their personal account or not
  • Google chooses a snippet based on the search query
  • Your meta description will not always be the snippet
  • The more someone clicks through to your website, the higher your website will go in the SERPs when they search for relevant keywords

If you optimize your meta descriptions for search you stand a much better chance of rising higher in the rankings. It’s not because Google will favor it, but because the traffic will elevate it.