co One More Reason Not To Kill Your IM Campaigns |

If you missed it, yesterday I told you why you shouldn’t discontinue your marketing campaigns during a recession. The post was about marketing in general, not Internet marketing specifically. Today I’d like to tell you why you shouldn’t stop Internet marketing right now.

Many small business owners still don’t quite understand Internet marketing. They know they need a website and that’s about it. Since they haven’t bitten off the Internet marketing bug just yet it’s quite difficult to convince them that now is the time they should be pursuing it. But I’m going to try anyway.

Internet marketing is a lot less expensive than traditional marketing. A lot. That’s not just a sales pitch.

Consider this: For the same amount of money that you spend in traditional marketing, with just a few exceptions, you can get much more mileage from Internet marketing. Some small businesses are out-competing their larger counterparts who are spending tens of thousands of dollars with just a few measly hundred or thousands of dollars in Internet marketing.

Let’s spell that out one more time: Some small business owners are spending a few hundred or a few thousand dollars and achieving better results than their larger competitors who are spending tens of thousands of dollars online.

It really doesn’t take a huge budget to run a successful Internet marketing campaign. And that’s why you should divert some of your traditional marketing dollars to Internet marketing right now. A down economy is the best time to make smart decisions with your money.