co Why You Should Consider Your Own YouTube Channel |

YouTube has grown to be in the top 5 largest sites online. It is one of the top three biggest social networks (along with Facebook and Twitter). Plus, the fact that it is a video network means that it has something unique to offer that other social networks don’t.

The latest statistics show that the audience for online videos is growing. But that alone is not reason enough to start your own YouTube channel. However, if your business niche is such that an audience exists for your type of video content then your own YouTube channel would be extremely beneficial.

YouTube marketers who have their own channel tend to pick up more viewers over time. Just like other forms of Internet marketing, video marketers works better long term when frequency and longevity are at work. The more videos you produce more often, the better.

Having your own YouTube channel is like owning your own TV station. You set the programming, time of production, and frequency of material. Then you find your audience. If you can build a solid and loyal audience for your content, it’s powerful marketing.