co Should You Go SEO Or Start Marketing? |

Many small businesses make their first foray into doing business online and think that if they build a website that will be enough. Once reality sinks in and they realize that no one is going to visit their website without some kind of marketing, they start doing the research to figure out how to get traffic to the website. When they discover this thing called SEO – search engine optimization – it’s a big aHA! moment.

But the aHA! moment usually comes when SEO brings them an increase in traffic, but very little in the way of sales. NOTE: It isn’t the SEO that is the culprit in your lack of sales. It’s your website!

The key to building your business online is to understand that marketing is not just one event. It’s not one strategy. And it’s not simply building a website with cool things on it. Online marketing is a strategy, a philosophy. It’s an ongoing fulfillment of your manifest destiny.

OK, maybe not manifest destiny, but it’s an ongoing process and you can’t just expect one thing to take care of all of the details. Having a website is the starting point, SEOing your website is the next logical step, but don’t stop there. That’s just the beginning of your online marketing journey. It IS a journey worth taking.