co Is Twitter A Necessary Marketing Tool? |

Twitter was a popular brand last year. A lot of people used it. A lot more people didn’t. Should you?

An in article in WebProNews asks the question, “Is Twitter really necessary?” Ultimately, it’s a question that only you can answer. There are pros and cons to using Twitter.

One con is that it can be a time consuming activity. Of course, anything can eat up your time if you let it. That’s a time management issue. Assuming that you can manage your time well and take advantage of the opportunities presented by Twitter, should you use it? Let’s look at a couple of the benefits.

Twitter is a traffic driving tool. That’s the number one benefit. If you do it well then you can drive lots of targeted traffic to your important landing pages. That’s a huge benefit. Another benefit is branding. Twitter has great branding benefits for anyone who can use it well.

But should you?

The real question is whether or not you can fit it into your marketing plan. If it fits well into your plan then Twitter is a good tool to use. If it doesn’t fit then it’s not a good tool. But that’s a decision you’ll have to make. One way to know for sure is to run a short test to see if you get any increases in traffic or sales conversion. If it works out on the short run then add it to your marketing portfolio.