co What's A Mashup? |

If you’ve been around the Web for very long then you might have heard the term “mashup”. What’s it mean?

A mashup, simply put, is the aggregation of content from two or more sources. It usually exists on a single web page, but it can also exist within an application such as a widget or through an RSS feed. Any Web 2.0 technology is capable of integrating into a mashup or presenting a mashup, or both.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you want to integrate your blog with content from another website in your niche owned by a partner firm and an association article directory within the same niche. If you obtain the developer APIs or XML code from the two sources you want to integrate with your blog into a mashup, you can create a brand new way to present all of the content mixed together and present it on all three of your websites or on a completely different website altogether.

So what are the benefits of doing this? The first benefit is increased traffic to the content included in the mashup. By using the content in a new way you may be able to get that content before new eyes and parlay that into increased traffic to each site integrated into the mashup. The second benefit is links. Each mashup links backs to the original content and if that mashup is presented on a separate web page from the original content then it provides back links that search engines use to determine your total search rank value.

Mashups can be fun and they’re fairly easy to develop. They certainly have their benefits.