co When Will Social Search Go Local? |

We’ve talked before about social search. But we’ve never talked about local social search. Why not?

Well, frankly, social search is still a dream. I think it’s a cool dream and I think that someday soon someone will introduce a truly social search platform. But will it be local? Or will we have to wait for that?

I think the social search and local angle could be simultaneous. One thing that is likable about both Twitter and Facebook is that you can network with local and global friends and colleagues without changing any settings, switching from one screen to another or jumping through weird hoops. So it is possible to integrate the local angle into your social application. Not so much for search.

The search engines still have different tracks for local search and global search. Type “garden tools” and you are likely to get a wide range of global services and web pages. Narrow your search to a specific geographic area and you could localize your search.

Social media seems to be developing faster than search technology right now. I think when someone does finally integrate social media and search into a single application that we can all agree is valuable, local will be a significant feature.