co Why Spammers Are On My Hit List |

Spammers have always had a bad rep with me. I’m not fond of them, and I’m guessing they may not be too fond of me. I usually don’t approve their comments.

I’ve recently stumbled upon a new spam technique that is perhaps the worst that I’ve ever seen. It’s bad enough that the spammer is trying to finagle a link by offering up a crappy comment that provides no value to my readers or to me. No, that’s not enough. This spammer has to provide a crappy comment in an attempt to finagle a cheap link by assuming someone else’s identity and “borrowing” (i.e. stealing) their avatar.

It happened right here.

This is a new low. Even for spammers. And my question to you is, do you think this will start happening more often and should webmasters now be more concerned about reputation management as a result of this new spam technique?