co Will Search Die (And What Will Replace It?) |

Every year I see tons of predictions about the future of the Internet. Heck, I recently published a set of my own. They mostly had to do with social media, although one of them was about the integration of social media with search and how small businesses will start to “get it”.

Yesterday, John Battelle published his predictions for 2010. I found them to be rather interesting, to say the least.

Particularly interesting was his prediction regarding the deterioration of search results. In his own words:

But we are in the midst of a significant transition in search – as I’ve recently written, we are asking far more complicated questions of search, ones that search is simply not set up to answer.

I think this may be true for many people, but for a lot of small business owners who are just figuring out the power of the Web as a marketing tool, they’re just not that far along yet. So the question for small business owners who are attempting to get found in those search results is, what does that mean for my business?

At this point, I’d say not much. But by the end of the year it may be clear just how far search results have deteriorated. Based on what I’ve read, many veteran searchers are getting disgruntled with search. That may be because, as John Battelle points out, they’re asking more complicated questions. I think the answer lies in my prediction about the integration of search and social media. I think 2010 could very well be the year that search “goes social” in far more meaningful ways than we can now imagine.