co Should You Take A Break From Social Networking? |

If you read my blog enough you’ll soon find out that I’m a huge, huge fan of social networking. I believe in it. Especially for small business owners. Social networking is tremendous way to stay on top of your niche and to build connections. But there is a time for taking a break.

Just as anything else in life, you’ve got to know when to walk away. Sometimes, a planned break can energize you and you’ll come back stronger and ready to run some more. That’s true in business, in relationships, and in a lot of things. Including social networking.

But how much time should you take off and when?

There’s no easy answer to that question. You’ve got to do what is right for you. Obviously, special holidays are a good day to take off – Christmas, New Year’s, Easter, or a religious holy day. But for how long?

I wouldn’t stay gone too long. Taking an entire month off from social networking might cause you to lose your momentum. But a week here and there is OK. Even a day a fine and can give you the energy you need to recharge your mental and physical batteries. But if you do take off try to find someone who can fill your shoes while you are gone. It needs to be someone who knows you and can reflect your opinions or represent your business well.

By having someone fill in for you on your preferred social networks, you can still keep your business name and interests in front of your core audience. But you might want to disclose the fact that you are leaving your social life in someone else’s hands. People will notice the difference and your honesty and forthrightness will be held respectable. Take a break, but not too long.