co Is Twitter A Search Engine? |

While reading an op-ed by Biz Stone, a Twitter co-founder, I came across this rather astounding paragraph:

In the new year, Twitter will begin supporting a billion search queries a day. We will be delivering several billion tweets per hour to users around the world. These are figures we did not anticipate when we founded the company in 2007.

The amazing thing about this is that Google only sees about 300-500 million search queries per day.

In other words, Biz Stone is predicting that Twitter will double Google’s search volume by the end of next month. (Maybe they already are!)

I think with that kind of search volume you can go ahead and call Twitter a search engine. They say YouTube is the second biggest search engine online and all the searches conducted there are for YouTube videos. All the searches on Twitter are for tweets conducted by Twitter users.

Call it a search engine or not, I think Twitter could become Google’s biggest competitor by the end of next year.