co 5 Useful Twitter Tips For Your Small Business |

If you haven’t hopped on board the Twitter train yet, perhaps you should consider it. Your audience might not be there, but they may very well get there soon. Twitter grew by leaps and bounds in 2009 and looks like it will continue to grow. If you do decide to start Twittering, or you already have, keep these tips in mind.

  1. Make it personal – People don’t want excessive branding on Twitter. They want it personal. I recommend assigning your Twitter account to one or two people, not the entire workforce. Keep it personal.
  2. Don’t link too often – Linking is allowed on Twitter and people do click on those links. Many webmasters report Twitter as one of their largest referrers. But, if you link in every tweet, you’re more likely to get fewer click throughs. Link in moderation.
  3. Tweet often – The more often you tweet the more likely you are to attract followers and get them to visit your website.
  4. Create value – The most important Twitter principle of all is to create value. Define what it is you want your followers to get out of following you and make sure every tweet adds value to that goal.
  5. Stay on topic – Keep it relevant. Don’t tweet about stray dogs or your goldfish named Billy Budd unless you tweet about pets. Maintain a Twitter account that makes you an authority on one subject and tweet about that subject in a personal way and consistently. Yes, every now and then you can crakck a joke or get off topic, but if 90% of your tweets are about golf when you are trying to drive traffic to your restaurant blog, you’re not doing yourself or your followers any service. Keep it on topic.

That’s it for now and happy Twittering in 2010 and beyond!