co Should Pepsi Trade Super Bowl Ads For Social Media? |

This caught my attention. Pepsi is giving up advertising during the Super Bowl for social media marketing.

Let’s look at the pros:

  • Social media has the potential to reach far more people worldwide
  • You can get more marketing miles from one social media campaign than from spending the same amount of money on Super Bowl ads
  • Social media links last longer
  • Pepsi is more likely to reach into a new market with social media

Now, the cons:

  • It’s the Super Bowl
  • A lot of people watch the Super Bowl (albeit mostly in the U.S.)
  • It’s a tradition
  • The Super Bowl is proven effective

I’m leaning toward the social media argument on this one. Even if the advertising doesn’t prove as effective, Pepsi could still win. All they need to do is build enough buzz around the event itself and the free publicity that it will draw will add to the viral effect. I see very few ways Pepsi can lose on this one. What do you think?