co Should You Focus On SEO Or Social Media In 2010? |

If you’ve been marketing your small business online for a while then you are likely familiar with search engine optimization. You may be less familiar with social media marketing, but if you’ve been active in online marketing during the last couple of years, you’ve probably become a lot more familiar with social media. But which should you focus on for 2010?

There’s no doubt that social media marketing has made a lot of strides in the last two or three years, but that doesn’t mean SEO is irrelevant. Far from it! It’s still as relevant as ever. Still, I wouldn’t conduct online marketing today without some kind of social media presence, and neither should you.

As to which of the two is more important, neither. Both SEO and social media are important. They should compliment each other. And when comes down the wire, what is most important is what benefits you and your clients.