co What Is Good Local Content? |

Good content is the one mantra you hear over and over again. Actually, it’s “great” content, or “compelling” content. But what does that mean exactly?

As a local business, does good content put you in direct competition with the big national companies in your industry? It can, but not necessarily. Keep in mind who your local audience is.

The No. 1 rule for writing good content is to make it relevant to your audience. You can write great articles and web content that reaches a national audience, but if your business is strictly local then that won’t matter. What if your local audience uses a different language? You should consider local or regional catch phrases rather than try to finesse a larger audience for the sake of prestige.

Another thing good local content does is drive traffic to your website and your brick and mortar business. If you are getting more business or more traffic through your doors then your content is probably working.

But the one thing that is really important in determining the quality of your content is tracking. You should be tracking what your content is doing. Is your content really responsible for the surge of people walking through your storefront doors? If not, what is? How can you make your content better so that it does contribute to your increased brick and mortar traffic?

There’s not secret or magic formula for writing good content. It stems from knowing your audience.