co Why Can't I Order A Cheeseburger Online? |

Remember when you could pick up the phone and call in an order to your favorite restaurant then run down and pick it up? Thankfully, you can still. But why can’t you order your pizza or cheeseburger online and pick it up on the run?

You would think some forward-thinking fast food chain would have rolled out the order online model by now, but I don’t know of any restaurants that allow you to order online and pick it up. Do you?

What would have to happen in order to have an online order model for the fast food business?

First, you’d have to have the menu online at your company’s restaurant so prospective customers could see what you have to offer. Then they’d have to be able to click a menu item to add that item to their “shopping cart” – or a shopping cart-like order basket. And there’d have to be a pay button. But most importantly, after an order goes through that order would have to be sent to the proper location for processing so that the customer could pick up the order. That means your back end technology would have to be set up to send an e-mail notification to the customer confirming the order but also to the local restaurant where the order will be picked up.

For instance, if you live in Minneapolis Minnesota and you want to order a Big Mac from McDonald’s you’d have to visit the McDonald’s website and place your order. While placing your order you’d have to specify which McDonald’s location you want to pick your order up from and whether or not you’ll pick it up inside or at the drive through.

Why don’t restaurants have this system yet? Do you think they should? Do you think they will?