co Why SEO Has Its Limits |

SEO is a tool, and like any tool it has its proper application and its limitations. For instance, if you want to build a house you’ll need a step ladder, some hammers and nails, various sizes of plywood and other lumber, drywall, and some paint, plus a few other items. If you want to fix a leak in your car’s radiator hose then you’ll need the proper tools for doing that. Hammer and nails won’t help you.

As a marketing tool, SEO is useful for helping you rank your web pages for the keywords that you want to target. But it does have its limitations.

SEO can’t help you build relationships. It can’t help you sell your product. It can’t get attention on your favorite social network. And it can’t perm your hair. Limitations.

The one thing that SEO can do, and do better than anything else, is push your website up in the search engine rankings. Of course, you have to do all the right things to make that happen. Just like using a hammer; use it incorrectly and it won’t do much to help you build that house. But use it properly and it can do wonders.

SEO is a useful tool. Learn how to use it and it will serve you well.