co Why Social Media Optimization Is Good SEO |

Let’s run through the acronyms – SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, getting confused yet?

Don’t be. They’re just shortcuts for search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay per click, and social media optimization. Aren’t they all a part of the same family?

It depends. They certainly can all influence each other. And what I’d like to talk about today is how social media optimization (SMO) can be good search engine optimization (SEO).

The idea behind SMO is to connect with the wider world beyond your own website or blog. There’s certainly benefit in that of itself, but there is also benefit in SMO as SEO. It starts with a healthy idea of linking.

The Web is a social graph. Search engine robots find new sites to crawl through links. Visitors find new sites to explore through links. Links are the connectors of online relationships. When you link out to other sites of reputable authority then you are telling your website visitors that you recommend those sites you link to. It’s a vote of approval. Several things can happen as a result of that:

  1. Your visitors come back to see what else you’ll recommend
  2. The site owners of those sites you link to will visit your site
  3. Some of those site owners will reciprocate with a link back to you
  4. Your traffic will grow
  5. You’ll develop your own authority within your niche
  6. You’ll attract more inbound links due to your authority

The outcome, more inbound links, leads to higher search engine rankings – especially if those links are high value links from authority sites with the right anchor text.

So the question is, how does SMO lead to better SEO? The answer: When you build great content that is compelling and attracts readers, you’ll get more traffic and more site owners will link to you. To influence better SMO you should do what you can to encourage your visitors to share your content and link to it. Those two things, when they happen often, will do more to better your SMO and your SEO than anything else. And when you see it happen you’ll be total awe of the Net, I assure you.