co Is Yahoo! Forcing You To Search Local? |

Yahoo! explains on its website how, and why, they are now adding local shortcuts for certain types of business searches even when the searcher hasn’t included a location in the search query. I find this a little bit intriguing.

Suppose you search for “set of tires” but you have not designated a geographic location. You could be interested in the best deal on tires that you can find and maybe you’re willing to have those tires shipped to you if you can get them at a good enough price. But Yahoo! offers you some local search options anyway. That’s not necessarily bad. After all, you have a choice.

My question is, does this help you? If you are conducting a search and you get an automatic local search option even if you have not specified a location, are you being forced to search local? I mean, you aren’t being coerced, but does the search engine giving you the local search choices make you want to perform a local search when you had no plans to do so?

I do believe this is going to be a good development for local businesses. But, truth be known, Yahoo! wasn’t the first to do this. Google and Bing have already tried it. Will you use it? Will it help your local small business?