co One Way To Pay For Links Without Penalty |

Have you heard that buying links will get you penalized? It’s not really true. Selling links will get you penalized, but buying links usually not – unless it’s a blatant violation of search engine guidelines. But there is a way to get around the whole link buying/selling thing without actually buying or selling links. You hold a contest.

It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It can be real simple. Hold a contest in which you offer something of value – like $100 or a toaster over – and make sure the winner of the contest has to do something that drives traffic or builds links to your website. Any page of your website.

For instance, you could offer a $100 prize for the best endorsement of your service on a blog post that links to a page on your website. Real simple. Of course, you have to spell out all the details carefully to make sure that everything is on the up and up. You want your contest entrants to get something out of the deal, but you want something too. And you want potential customers to get something other than a warm wet willy.

Technically, you aren’t really buying links. You are holding a contest and offering a monetary prize, but one of the stipulations for winning the prize is that entrants must link to you. Make sure your prize is something that a large number of people will want. Otherwise, it will be useless to hold the contest. Give it a try!