co Which Internet Marketing Discussion Gets You Excited About The Future? |

WebProNews is getting some interesting discussions going on. I thought I’d highlight them and hope you’ll join in. Here are the top 10 discussions concerning SEO, PPC, and social media marketing:

  1. A Black Hat Debate – If you like conversations about black hat vs. white hat then this is right up your alley. If you don’t know what black hat and white hat SEO are then this is your chance to learn the right way and the risky way to get your site ranked.
  2. What’s Better: PPC or SEO? – It’s an old discussion, but it’s still worth pondering.
  3. Ranking In Real-Time Search – Perhaps the most timely and relevant discussion of the 10 in light of Bing, Google, and Yahoo! each striking a deal with Twitter to include real-time search in their respective search results.
  4. The Future Of Online PR – For small businesses, this one rings timely and relevant as well. Online PR is a necessary part of Internet marketing and this discussion is worth keeping alive.
  5. Lessons from Political Social Media – Several political candidates in the last couple of years have parlayed social media into an election or fund raising victory. Others failed to capitalize. Good lessons to learn here.
  6. Be Proactive to Avoid Duplicate Content Issues – If you’re confused by the topic of duplicate content then maybe this will help you see more clearly.
  7. Small Businesses And Social Media – Of course, this is my hot topic. You know that. 🙂
  8. Moving Beyond Google – We’re not talking about relocating here. This is marketing your business after you’ve conquered Google, or still trying to.
  9. How Marketers Can Find Success Via Search – A basic discussion, but still a relevant one.
  10. Optimizing for Mixed Media Search Results – This one may be the most confusing of all, but it’s still just as timely and relevant as any of the above. Google’s Universal Search dictates this discussion take place and I highly recommend at least watching it take place. Lurking allowed.

Are you in the mood for learning more about search and social topics? This list should keep you reading awhile. And when you’re done, come back here and enlighten the rest of us. 🙂