co How Important Is Internal Link Building? |

Link building is one of the most important tasks in the world for any website. Links from external websites can do a great deal of good for ranking your site for its keywords. But internal links – those links that point from one page to another on your own website – can be just as valuable, particularly if you use the right anchor text.

That’s why Gab Goldenberg has developed an internal link building plugin for WordPress.

I’m not suggesting you should use the plugin. I haven’t tested it. But I do know that internal links and anchor text are very valuable and can give you a huge SEO boost with the search engines. If you have page, for instance, on your website that is optimized for the key phrase “big blue widget” and you use that phrase a lot on your other pages, linking to the big blue widget sales page using that anchor text from your other pages will make that page rank higher for the key phrase. It’s link building 101. And you can influence that from your own site as well as you can from other sites where you have no control.

When it comes to link building, it’s not all about begging for links from external sources. It’s all about building quality links with the right anchor text. Internal links are important too.