co Twitter Still The Hot Date At The Party |

It seems that Yahoo! has decided to integrate Twitter into its search results, following Bing and Google. That pretty much makes the microblogging service the most popular date for the prom. Now, all the major search engines are focusing on delivering real-time content a la Twitter. But will it do any good?

Personally, I think Yahoo! may have the right idea on this one. More than Google and Bing, Yahoo! has decided to make the tweets it shares relevant to the search query. That may be a first. Yahoo! did something more right than its competitors.

Nevertheless, in an industry where relevance is one of the most used and highly reverent concepts, it makes sense. Why toss out a bunch of useless results that have nothing to do with a search query just because they were tweeted five seconds ago? The first time I saw that on Google I thought, “This doesn’t really help me.” Yahoo!s approach helps me. Kudos to Yahoo!