co Google Marries Real-Time Search |

It’s official. Today is the day that Google rolled out its real-time search features. Of course, Google has already talked about its plans to incorporate Twitter into its search results. What has not been known for long is that the search engine’s real-time search includes other sites like Facebook,, MySpace, Friendfeed, and Jaiku.

The real-time search results offered by Google come in two special flavors. Your regular search results will show you a link, or a few, of the most recent real-time search for some queries. Then, Google Trends lists Hot Topics, a collection of the latest real-time search queries.

I like the Google Trends Hot Topics feature. It’s interesting to see what everyone else is searching for right now. However, I couldn’t help noticing that most of the results came from Twitter. Most, not all.

It looks like search is getting more robust. I can’t wait to see how Bing responds.