co The Relationship Between Graphic Design And Copywriting |

It can be easy to get sidetracked and forget about the really important stuff – or even what the important stuff really is. No matter whether you are marketing your business online or off line, you’ll need to consider two very important aspects to every marketing campaign: Copywriting and Graphic Design. Which is more important?

First, it’s important to understand the goals of each. The purpose for copywriting is to get the prospect to take action. If your copy isn’t moving your prospect toward some meaningful action that you want them to take then it isn’t effective. Plain and simple, copy persuades.

Graphic design’s job is to support the copy. Does that mean it is less important? Not at all. It is equally important, but it isn’t the primary goal. If you have pretty graphics and no copy then no one is going to take action. That’s art, not marketing.

It’s important that you focus on the needs and desires of the consumer. Write great copy that persuades and enhance your message with great graphics. You’ll close sales in no time.