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Both Steve and I recently had our professional images updated, and we were so delighted with the results!  I learned a great deal about the importance of your photographic image while working with our photographer, Wendy Blomseth from InBeaute Photography and wanted to pass that knowledge along to you.  What better way to do that than to have you “hear it from the source” – so I asked Wendy to provide a guest post on the subject.  Enjoy!

The Top 10 Reasons Your Photographic Image is Important to Your Business  by Wendy Blomseth, InBeaute Photography

I’ve heard many people ask, “How Important Is My Photographic Image to My Business?”  In today’s extremely competitive environment it is one of the most extraordinarily important components for you and your brand identity.  Today, your photographs have to literally work for you 24/7 or they should be fired and replaced.

Your photographic images should be fired immediately if they are not working for you in the following ways:

  1. building relationships in every medium that they are displayed
  2. mirror and attract your best clients
  3. convey your unique, genuine personality
  4. reinforce trust and credibility by showing you with your business, associates, clients, audiences & products
  5. cause a reaction that is positive both physically and emotionally by viewers
  6. generate positive energy and big smiles with every photo email signature that you send
  7. provide easy identification so you are recognizable during face-to-face encounters
  8. grab the viewers attention long enough to create an attraction to you which can result over time in an attraction to your company and its mission, values and belief
  9. work to build a solid foundation upon which you and your target audience can do business
  10. visually support your bottom line activities.
Caroline - Before
Caroline – Before

Steve and Caroline Melberg, owners of Small Business Mavericks, recently fired their old photographic images and collaborated with InBeaute Photography to create new ones that met the top ten criteria listed above.   Now as they display their new images they are being overwhelmed with positive comments ranging from “Yes!  That’s the person I want to do business with,” to  “Wow! What a difference the new photo makes to your image.”  Now their photos are working for them 24/7 and building relationships with people even before the first email, conversation or face-to-face contact.

To assure that the photographic images were optimized for the best display possible, InBeaute Photography formatted the photos for the web at approx. 200 pixels x 200 pixels with a resolution of 72pixels per inch and for print 4”x5” at 300 dots per inch (exact sizes may vary.)

Both Caroline and Steve purchased not one, but four different in-studio headshot portraits from their sessions.  Why four different images?   Because they strategically chose a minimum of four different top priority venues for display: Blog, LinkedIn & Facebook profiles, email signature photo and print materials as well as several secondary ones.  Then they matched up four portraits that subtly convey different brand nuances to be appropriately displayed on each over two years time.  Additionally, Caroline had several on-location photographs created in 2009 as well.  So the overall visual strategy results in  a plan with depth and breadth; photographic images with consistency, variety and quality; and a good ROI of time/money invested.

Caroline - After
Caroline – Ater

In conclusion, we recommend that you take notice of the photographic images being displayed by your associates and, most especially, by your competitors.  Note which images are working for the brand and helping to strategically and positively reinforce their brand versus the images that are counterproductive and unfortunately, hurting the brand.

Attractive, well-produced photographic images are a priceless tool to help you build positive relationships with your target audience. Make a lasting impression with photographic images that convey the friendliness, warmth and professional trust you bring to your work, plus build brand awareness of your company and its mission, values and belief.  Good business images are a necessity in today’s competitive marketplace, not a luxury !

Wendy Houser Blomseth

InBeaute Photography

Helping you create your best images that attract your best clients since 1998

NOTE: As a truly gifted photographer, not only did Wendy do a tremendous job for Steve and I, she’s created amazing portraits for hundreds of other smart and savvy business folks as well.  Check out her work on her online portfolio here!