co Rupert Murdoch Is Trying To Change How Search Engines Work |

Leave it to media mogul Rupert Murdoch to try and change 10 years of search engine optimization. He has stated publicly that he plans to start charging for news content on all of his web properties and de-index his websites from Google. TechCrunch offers a pretty good overview of the situation.

The latest development in this saga the addition of two other major news organizations to Murdoch song and dance. Both MediaNews Group and the A.H. Belo Corporation are talking about de-indexing some parts of their websites from Google – the parts they have behind pay walls.

Is this the way search engines will work in the future? Google has already stated that a website can block it from crawling their sites. But the issue with Murdoch is made more interesting by the fact that he has been in talks with Microsoft to make Bing the official content indexer for Murdoch’s web properties – for a price, of course. The question now is whether other news organizations will fall in lockstep with Murdoch and stick their hands out for a payoff in exchange for exclusive rights to indexing their content.

Will it work? Do you see the web moving in this direction? Or is this just a bunch of media hype?