co Is Bing Becoming An Important Online Retailing Mecca? |

More than a couple of times this week I’ve read an A-list blogger admit that he uses Bing Shopping.

About a year ago Bing started giving cashbacks to shoppers who use its search engine. I guess it’s working. Now, it seems that retailers are giving Bing a vote of confidence with advertising dollars. Does all of this translate into Bing becoming the place to go if you are a retailer looking for shoppers?

It may still be too early to tell, but I think there are signs that this could be the beginning of something big for online retailers. If it works out for the big retailers then I’d expect to see local retailers trying to follow. I say give it another year or two to see how it plays out and if Bing’s traffic keeps rising on its shopping network, jump in and use it for all its worth. If you are an early adopter then you might get in now and do some testing.