co A Good Social Media Kick in the Butt |

Deloitte Services National Retail Foundation did a recent survey about social media and retail this holiday season … what they discovered:

47 percent of retailers plan to increase social media use for the holidays

75 percent of retailers will improve their Facebook pages

59 percent of retailers will boost Twitter use

60 percent of consumers will use social media to locate coupons and discounts

53 percent of consumers will research gift ideas through social media

And yesterday, I read this article that is all about Best Buy’s retail strategy – all about Tweets and Friends.

My question to you is … are you using social media for your business yet?  And if not … why not?

I had a great time during my radio interview with Erika Lyremark of DAILY WHIP, and that show is live right now (or available for play-back at any time).

Erika, a results-oriented professional coach, says, “DAILY WHIP is about making a hardcore commitment to taking action to improve your career and your life. I have learned that there are two pains in life:  One is the pain of regret; the other is the pain of self-discipline.  It is up to you to choose your pain.”

This motto so speaks to my mission of helping small and mid-size business owners implement your social media strategy — as evidenced by the survey results and the article mentioned above, as your competitors jump on the social media bandwagon you are going to be faced with two choices – join the conversation happening online and watch your business thrive, or regret that you didn’t when you had the chance.

The time is now – Carpe diem!