co Just In Case You Thought Social Media Wasn't Worth It |

You might think I’m harping on the social media thing and maybe I am. But after reading an article like this, why shouldn’t I?

Doesn’t this just prove that you should be using social media to reach out to new customers?

Interestingly, the article just bruises over a few concepts that actually show the benefit and value of social media for small local businesses. Here are the highlights:

  • “Word of mouth has always been the most powerful marketing tool; what social media has done is dramatically increase the scale, velocity and immediacy with which people can influence each other and create the biggest revolution to hit our industry since television,” said David Jones, global CEO of Euro RSCG.

  • – Consumers are engaging more in multi-way exchanges of ideas and opinions among consumers and brands

  • Smart consumers are mixing and matching the tools that come available to meet their social needs.

  • This includes things like the fact that social media is an important consideration for any communications strategy,

  • The firm also says that even though the web is world-wide, its emerging power is hyperlocal.

Pardon all the blockquotes, but I figured the article could better say it than I could. If these points don’t make you think that you should be engaging your target audience through social media then I don’t know what will. Today is the day.