co New FTC Rules For Bloggers And What They Mean |

My inbox has been buzzing with e-mails about the new FTC Guidelines pertaining to endorsements that go into effect on December 1st – specifically about how they pertain to bloggers. Lots of people have questions about what these new Guidelines mean and what changes they need to make to stay compliant.

As with anything new, there are a lot of questions – and lots of opportunists looking to scare the devil out of all of us (and offering their product as the solution, of course!)

A question that several of my clients have e-mailed me in the last couple of days is, “why are they targeting bloggers?”

While at first I thought that was the case too, the more I thought about it the more I realized that this is just the FTC acknowledging the power and credibility that bloggers and social media have from an advertising and business growth standpoint, and they’re now creating Guidelines that force us to comply with the same level of disclosure that professional journalists have had to contend with for some time. And while I don’t like “more rules” I am thrilled to see bloggers and social media professionals being given the credibility and respect that we deserve!

I’m no expert on the Guidelines, however, so I thought I would go “straight to the source” and visit the FTC’s website to see what the real deal is. Fortunately, they have some great resources that explain exactly what’s going on.

For instance, here is a great video from the FTC about what these Guidelines mean for bloggers:

For more information and to get all the details, here are the links on the FTC’s site where I found great info:

Instructional videos and the full text of the Endorsement Guidelines

Test of the Federal Register Notice (opens a .pdf)

Finally, on Monday, November 23rd, my friend Marcy Nelson-Garrison is hosting a call with attorney Ken Kunkle of Kunkle Law Offices about these new rules and how to make sure we are compliant. Check it out!


Full Disclosure: I am NOT being compensated by the FTC or Marcy Nelson-Garrison for sharing this information with you. I’m just doing it because I found the info interesting and thought you’d like to know about it too.