co Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Top Brand Online? |

What’s it take to become a top brand online? According to a survey recently conducted by Forrester Research, trustworthiness, helpful, and relevance are the three attributes that made Google, Yahoo!, and Amazon the top three brands online.

This actually makes sense. When I think of Google I do think of trust and relevance. When I think of Amazon I also think of trust and relevance. After all, where else would you go for books and music online?

Google built its reputation as a search engine on trust and relevance. And searchers still trust them over every other source.

When it comes to online branding, trust and relevance are two of the most important attributes necessary regardless of your niche. No matter how large or small your audience is – and few of us have the audience the size of Google, Amazon, or Yahoo! – you’ll need to develop trustworthiness, be helpful to your audience, and be relevant. If you don’t possess those attributes in some measure then I doubt very seriously that your target audience will pay you much mind.

Are you developing trust, relevance, and helpfulness in your online brand?