co Are PageRank And Rankings Related? |

It’s easy to get confused about such concepts as PageRank and search engine rankings if you don’t spend a great deal of time studying how search engines work. One common misconception about search rankings is that they are tied to one’s PageRank number. This is not the case.

PageRank is a way Google has devised to assign an authority number to websites within the same niche based on how many other sites link to it and the authority ratings of those sites. It is an algorithm based largely on quantity and quality of backlinks.

While search engine rankings also rely, to some extent, on backlink analysis, the factors influencing are much broader in scope. There are literally hundreds of factors that influence how a web page ranks for the keywords it targets. One important ranking factor is domain age. A website that has been around for 10 years or longer has a much higher chance of ranking for a particular keyword than a page that is just 1 year old. The age difference, however, is not a guarantee of higher rankings as that ranking factor is used in conjunction with hundreds of other ranking factors. But it is one factor that can give a particular website an edge in the ranking wars.

Webmasters should not confuse PageRank and search engine rankings. They are not related and one does not influence the other.