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I’m delighted to announce our new collaboration with CEL Public Relations in offering The Social Media Incubator service. One of the toughest parts of launching social media as a business owner is finding the time to do it, and knowing exactly how to do it right. CEL Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks have teamed up to solve this challenge by creating The Social Media Incubator, designed to help small and mid-size businesses implement social media strategically, and with measurable return on their investment.


C.E.L. Launches Social Media Incubator™ in
Partnership with Small Business Mavericks

C.E.L Public Relations and Small Business Mavericks have launched the Social Media Incubator™, a cost-effective social media service to help small and mid-size businesses grow.

Social media tools and access to communities of prospective buyers are at our fingertips. However, the challenge for most organizations is managing the execution of social media in a manner that is relevant, measurable and effective.

Too often, small and mid-size businesses try to utilize Web 2.0 social media tools such as blogs, LinkedIn and Twitter without a plan in place to ensure their success. The Social Media Incubator helps service businesses and organizations unleash the power of social media, while researching and developing best practices throughout the process.

Social Media Incubator services begin with a website health check-up that scans for search engine optimization, key word effectiveness, and usability and moves on to creating social media tools, maintaining them and tracking results.

Business owners are outsourcing social media planning and implementation to The Social Media Incubator to get their social media network rolling and swelling with a focus on ROI while they focus on business management and operations.

For more than twenty years, C.E.L. has served as a marketing partner to clients – helping them strategically plan, implement and ultimately grow their business using effective public relations. Small Business Mavericks also has a 20-year track record as a full-service marketing company, specializing in website design, development and promotion.

If your company sells service with a passion and you want to utilize social media to increase sales, email or call 763.559.6058.

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