co Why SEO Still Has A Bad Name |

SEO has had its ups and downs. For the most part, most SEOs are honorable people trying to earn a living. But there are a few – more than a few, actually – who are not so honorable. They’ll send you spam e-mail or send spam on your behalf, they’ll try to game the search engines by buying and selling links or creating doorway pages and cloaking their links, or just do something stupid like submit thousands of links at one time that draw a huge red flag.

Not much has changed. SEO is still a dangerous business. But it’s a necessary business.

You cannot succeed online today without some kind of knowledge of SEO and a strategy for ranking your web pages in the search engines. Nevertheless, you can’t trust everyone. Be careful who you select to run your SEO campaigns. Ask lots of questions and stay tuned to what they’re doing at all times. Otherwise, it can cost you more than your fair share of business.