co Why E-mail Still Rules |

E-mail marketing is still the top method of marketing for online entrepreneurs. It will probably be a long time before it is toppled. For a while it looked as if RSS might overtake it, but there are still a lot of people who don’t understand RSS. They understand e-mail marketing. And they will continue to allow marketers to contact them by e-mail with a few reasonable restrictions.

Practically speaking, e-mail marketing has been around longer than most forms of online marketing today. Most people are comfortable checking their e-mail every day. But not everyone trusts online e-commerce still.

While user comfortability is on the rise for all forms of online marketing, e-mail marketing has the greatest comfort level. It is this level of comfort among the consumer crowd that makes e-mail marketing so special. In their own e-mail boxes, people feel like they have more control over what they see. It’s easy to delete unwanted e-mails and takes very little effort to say ‘yes’.

From the looks of things, e-mail marketing won’t be going anywhere any time soon.