co Three Ways To Get Free Publicity Offline |

Free publicity – does it exist? Sponsor a local event and you will receive free publicity. But sponsorships cost so is it really free? We talk a lot about online marketing but for small businesses targeting a local marketing, off-site marketing can prove to be invaluable – and if it’s free, more so.

Can you get free publicity off-line. There are several channels that are worth exploring although everything really does have a cost, even if it’s only nickels:

Yourself – have t-shirts printed with your logo and web address. These days there are kits that enable you to do it in your own home. Be smart – wear you shirt when dropping the kids off to school (or picking them up) and to casual social functions.

Your Car – you can do the same with your car – just not the t-shirt. A printed sign in the back window is quick and easy to produce with a color printer.

Business Cards – business cards are so inexpensive these days you can buy them for a fraction of a cent each. The key to business cards is placement. Don’t just scatter them everywhere, be selective and ask business that provide complementary services in your niche – offer to host there cards in return.

Simple, inexpensive, yet it helps to spread the word about your business. Does it work? I had to replace a window last week – who did I think of? Someone I see everyday wearing a shirt with a business logo – over time, it imprints on the brain. So yes – it certainly can work.