co Why Facebook Rules The Social Networks |

We may hear a lot of hype about Twitter, but it’s really Facebook that is dominating the social network marketing arena. After all, Twitter has nowhere near the traffic that Facebook has, which is one good reason why you should at least have a profile. But I wouldn’t just stop there. Facebook rules the social networks for one reason – it’s easy to make friends.

The Facebook social interface makes it easy to make friends and interact with them. If you’ve been to Facebook any number of times you no doubt have seen all the graffiti on people’s walls. That’s what Facebook so exciting.

All you have to do to maintain a solid presence on Facebook is befriend a number of people and interact with them on your wall and theirs. By doing so you are showing your social face and inadvertently marketing your business. You don’t even have to engage in blatant marketing. That’s the beauty of Facebook.

Social networking is designed for people who don’t see themselves as social butterflies. If you are shy and find it difficult to approach people in public and make an acquaintance, you’ll likely find it a lot easier to do it on Facebook. And a lot more fun.