co When Should You Upgrade Your WordPress? |

WordPress comes out with a new update two or three times a year. Should you upgrade to the new version every time?

Most marketers would probably tell you yes. And I think it might be good to upgrade most of the time, but not necessary every time. Let me explain what I mean.

Just a little over a month ago WordPress introduced version 2.8.4. The version was intended to be a fix for security issues found in 2.8.3 and earlier versions and which hackers were exploiting left and right. It was a good time to upgrade so I did. Now, just a month later, they’ve come out with version 2.8.5, a “hardening release.”

So what exactly is a hardening release? More or less, it’s a release intended to heighten the security fix that was attempted on the last effort. In other words, WordPress put out a poor update so it’s time to “harden” it and do it right this time? How do we know this update is any better?

The problem with so many updates is I end up spending all my time updating instead of blogging. So should you upgrade every time a new version comes out? I think you should upgrade every time a new version is introduced – for example, when 2.9 is introduced then you should upgrade.

You should also upgrade as needed in between. Otherwise, don’t upgrade every single time. Only do it when it’s necessary and don’t wait too long because if you go too long without upgrading you’ll most certainly find yourself victim to a malicious hack.