co Should You Focus On Google PageRank? |

A few years ago anyone and everyone who was doing any Internet marketing at all consulted Google’s PageRank system to determine whether a website was trustworthy or not. Marketers would bounce back and forth between Alexa and PageRank to see if a site was all that and a bag of chips. Some people still do.

However, PageRank is not as important as it used to be. It still has some relevance. But it isn’t the grand prize that it was at one time.

Small businesses trying to do business on the web should keep their eye on PageRank just to ensure that their reputations aren’t slipping. If your reputation begins to decline then PageRank could be an indicator (although there are other indicators that are better). If you have a strong reputation online then PageRank is definitely an indicator.

Titus Hoskins at SiteProNews argues that PageRank is still relevant. He makes some good points and I agree with most of them.

Bottom line for me on PageRank is to use it in moderation and with judgment, but not to get carried away with placing undue importance on it. It’s one indicator of trust online, not the only indicator. Don’t dismiss it, but know its place.