co Why Free Hosting Is Dead |

At one time, GeoCities was one of the most trafficked websites on the Internet. But Yahoo!, the owner, announced a few weeks ago that it will pulling the plug on GeoCities. It finally happened.

I don’t even have to preach to you. If you understand what GeoCities is then you already understand why you need to have your own domain name. But if you aren’t familiar with GeoCities then I’ll give you a brief explanation. The website offered free hosting for anyone who wanted a website. Of course, you had to put up with GeoCities placing gaudy-looking banner ads on your site, but it was free. Good deal, huh?

Well, we thought so back in 1998. GeoCities was the first place a lot of webmasters built their first website. The problem is GeoCities didn’t adapt to the Web as it grew. But even if it had, it was free and you don’t want someone else’s ad on your business website. But that’s not the real reason you don’t want your site hosted on a free host.

You don’t want your site hosted on a free host because you have no control over it. If the site is killed then your site is gone too. If it is sold to another company then policies could change – important policies that affect how you run your business. You really don’t want that happening.

When it comes to running your business online, shell out the $10 per year for a domain name. Believe me, it’s worth it.