co Google's Big Social Media Announcement |

A couple of days ago I mentioned that Bing has started to included Twitter in its real-time search feature. Well, it seems that Google has made a similar agreement itself. Just watch this video and hear how Google will integrate Twitter into its universal search.

So the war is on. I told you that social media was going to be the next big battlefield in search and Twitter will be at the center of that. So will Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, PhotoBucket, and a million other social media websites. Are you ready?

The second announcement in the video above is Google’s soon-to-launch social search. This will kick off the biggest online media war in the history of the Web, proving that humans are nothing more than social animals. By giving users a way to search social media through their own personal networks, Google is effectively seeking to own the content of the web – or at least control it. The question now is, How will Bing respond?