co How Social Media Will Be The Next Real Battlefield In Search |

Search engine marketing just keeps getting more and more complicated, but according to an article in WebProNews, Bing just stepped it up a step.

Of course, we knew that that Bing was incorporating Twitter into its search results. Evidently, they’re going for Facebook as well. This looks like it is going to be the next battlefield for search marketers. A full on social media front. You can look for Google to get in on this action.

But the interesting part about how Bing is ranking tweets is in follower count. If two tweets are equal in terms of SEO power, but one of them is put out by a Twitter user with 100,000 followers and the other by a user with 20,000 followers, it is likely that the person with the most followers will rank higher. That doesn’t mean it is the best tweet. I can see this system being gamed by marketers who just go after lots of followers and don’t focus on quality tweets.

On the other hand, once Google gets in on the action and starts ranking real-time content from Twitter, Facebook, and everywhere else, you can bet there will be some sort of content quality algorithm even for social media websites. You’d better put on your flak jackets. Things are going to start flying.