co Content Or Design: Which Comes First? |

This may sound like a chicken and egg question, but which should come first – content or design?

Different people will tell you differently. Talk to many designers and they’ll tell you design should come first. Web developers usually fall into the same category. On the other hand, content writers usually tell you to write the content first. Two against three, so I guess the writers lose. Huh?

Well, not so fast. The writers actually have a good point.

When you write content you write for a specific page. You should do your keyword research first – before content writing or design – and determine what your site will be about. But if you design your site before you write any content then you could very well set yourself up for some design issues that need to be fixed down the road. It’s best to write your content so that you know what size containers you’ll need. If you don’t, you could end up with containers that are too large or too small and trying to write content that fits into the containers. That content will likely not sell well.

The most important thing on your site is content. It should dictate to everything else, not the other way around.