co What Is The Essence Of Online Reputation Management? |

Online reputation management consists of three things. That is, is falls on the intersection of three specific disciplines, which are:

  1. Public relations
  2. Marketing
  3. SEO

Where these three disciplines meet is where online reputation management hangs its hat.

First, public relations. This is the discipline that involves courting the media to engage them in a conversation that you hope will cast your business and brand in a positive light. Note that there are no guarantees. You are trying to persuade media – general and specific – to portray your business in a certain way, but they have their freedoms and you must respect that. Nevertheless, working on your relationship with media personalities can go a long way to casting your reputation in the best manner possible.

Marketing is different than public relations. Marketing is customer relations and market positioning. It doesn’t traditionally involve the media unless it includes paid advertising. The point is to build a brand and communicate your brand’s values to the market using communication strategies that tell your story.

SEO, or search engine optimization, the practice of writing online content in such a way that search engines favor it over your competition’s.

When you position these three disciplines side by side, you have online reputation management. Don’t leave it to chance.