co Why Google Webmaster Tools Is Your Best Friend |

Google has done a lot of work to ensure that webmaster get the tools they need to succeed. One of the best tools at your disposal is Google Webmaster Tools. When you sign in to Webmaster Tools you can add a site and once your site has been added – you can add as many sites as you need – then you can do all sorts of wonderful things with your Webmaster Tools account.

Some of the things you can do or stats you can check with Webmaster Tools include:

  • See your top search queries at a glance
  • Discern crawl errors
  • Look at the inbound links you have to your site
  • Test your site for malware
  • Configure a sitemap for your site
  • Fix robots.txt issues
  • Redirect your website to another URL
  • Review your sitelinks and remove any you don’t want
  • Understand your most used keywords
  • View user statistics

You may not want to do all of these things. Some things you may never do. But it’s nice to have a tool that will do it if you need to. Google Webmaster Tools is there for you. Use it.