co Get Those Hackers Off Your WordPress! |

If you’ve been wondering where we’ve been for the last month, let me explain. The blog was hacked and we had some difficult at first detecting it. That’s because the hackers didn’t mess with the face of the blog at all. They only jacked with our Admin area. As a result, whenever we’d log in to make a post we saw a bunch of gobbledygook and it became rather difficult to discern the problem.

After calling our web host, who was unable to tell us what the problem was except that it’s possible their server was messing up WordPress, we decided we’d move to a new host. However, before we could do that, I got sick and there was a long delay in getting the blog moved to a new host before I could get well.

As it was, I had my webmaster take a look at the blog and we discovered that it was indeed hacked, so we fixed it. We’ve decided not to change hosts after all.

But here’s the take away for you: Hackers are getting more sophisticated every day. Not only are they inserting Javascript and malicious code in places that are hard to detect, but they are doing so in such a way that if you find it and delete it then the malware returns in a day or so. Malicious!

Another way hackers are getting in to your website is through the Admin area and all they are doing is jacking with it so you can’t make your posts – not even messing with the face of the blog or the content. So be careful. Protect your blog with hard to detect passwords and be militant in deleting bad comments. It would behoove you also to every now and then go through your subscriber accounts and delete any that are not commenters. Hackers often subscribe to a blog as if planning to comment then use their accounts to gain access to your server folders and drop code in your files. They’ve even been known to change their own subscription accounts to admin accounts to maintain access over long periods of time.

Yes, while you improve your skills, the hackers are also improving theirs. Make sure you increase the difficulty of the delinquencies to succeed.

BTW, look for us to add backdated content to this blog to fill in the dates that we’ve missed – all the way back to September 24. We hope you’ll go back and read those posts as we write them. 😉