co What Is Social Publishing? |

Social publishing is a new form of web publishing that involves a relationship between multiple publishers sharing the same platform to reach a mass audience. Examples include blogging, wiki, forums, and in some cases even content management systems. It’s still relatively not talked about even though some brands have been engaged in social publishing for some time.

In a word, social publishing is many-to-many publishing. Unlike past publishing systems like one-to-one as in e-mail or one-to-many as in newsletters and mass book publishing, many-to-many publishing systems allow more than one individual to use the same platform to reach an audience. That is just one example of the power of the Internet.

Many corners of the web, and particularly the small business web, are still stuck on the one-to-many concept of web publishing, which is powerful but obvious. The many-to-many aspect is not so obvious and is difficult to achieve without the right technology. The focus is on building a community. With the right leadership and motivation, you can provide a social publishing platform for you industry or niche, one that will pay you huge social dividends over time. Are you ready?