co Which Social Network Is The Best? |

Social networking for small business owners has become an expected part of doing business online. But which one is the right network?

There’s Twitter, currently all the rage. With Twitter you can build a strong following and talk directly to all of them with one message, mass communication style. And you can market your business efficiently and creatively, driving traffic to the landing pages that are important to you.

Facebook is the most trafficked social network online. There are great opportunities to meet new people and connect with Facebook users through application creations, writing on walls, and building fan pages. Fan pages actually carry an SEO benefit. But networking on Facebook has so many other benefits for small business owners.

LinkedIn is a big different. Mostly for professional people, you can connect with your target audience in several ways, including through a question and answer format. Ask a question, get answers. Answer questions that other people ask. For many networkers, it leads to business.

Ning is an interesting place. You can join specialized social networks and even create your own.

There are even applications that allow you to create your own social network or to use Google Connect to add social features to your existing website. What should you do?

No one can tell you which social network is best for you. It depends. One of the things you should consider is where your target audience is located. Find that out and the question answers itself. Do you know?