co How Traditional Marketing Is Still Beneficial To Small Businesses |

With all the talk going on about Internet marketing, you’d think traditional marketing products like brochures wouldn’t work any more. That’s not true. Not true at all.

While I still have a high regard for Internet marketing – even small businesses can’t get by without it any more – I’m not quite ready to abandon he old mainstays of traditional off line marketing. A company brochure can still get someone attention and a well-placed phone call can still attract good clients. The key is to use your off line channels, the traditional marketing tools, in conjunction with your online marketing tools and draw in new customers that way.

We call it integrated marketing. You integrate your new media marketing strategies into your old traditional marketing strategies, throwing out what is old hat and not working any more and replacing it with what will.

The key to good integrated marketing is to know what to throw out of your traditional marketing strategies and knowing what to keep then you’ve got to figure out what to do about the new marketing strategies. That’s where an internet marketing consultant can help you. Are you ready?